Switch, analyze thyself!


So, I’d meant to do one of these every week. On my Facebook page, I am doing little shares called “Stuff I Learned While Researching on FetLife”, and I thought I would sort of sum up what new ideas I had contemplated over the week. This author thing, though, is time consuming and confusing! So I’m a little late with this.

I find it more clear every day that the relationships I was personally involved in through BDSM would probably be considered abusive by outside observers, and even by me. The more I read about what responsible Dom/mes should and should not do, the more I am sure I am lucky to be alive and as mentally intact as I am. My former Master of 7 years was so far in the Fetish Closet as to not be able to find a way out, and he kept me there, too. The end result was my leaving the scene pretty much entirely, and him entering a sexless, if loving, relationship with someone else.

As I learn more about “community” and what it means to be a part of one, I am touched by the caring and consideration that I see. THIS is what I went in looking for, THIS is what I ended up writing about in a totally fantasy-based way, only to discover that my fantasies are many people’s realities. FetLife is an amazing place and it’s difficult to feel alone or outcast there. It makes me wonder if there is a real place for me in the actual community, outside of cyberspace.

Community is going to be a very large part of Switch It OFF, the third book I have planned in The Switch Stories series. So stay tuned!  


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