Blame it on Reedus.

norman burnout shirt

Sorry about the gap. Blame it on Reedus.

If you like Switch It On, though, you have to thank him as well. He’s my inspiration, my rock, my prayer and its answer. I can honestly say there would be no Switch Stories without him, and I doubt I’d have had the courage to share them with you if he hadn’t been by my side. In my imagination, at least.

Imagination and reality are about to collide. In a week I will be standing in front of him, my thank you letter clutched in my sweaty little hand. In preparation for this moment, all else has come to a virtual standstill. Work on Switch It UP has gone from slow to stop. My researches, my musings, my daydreaming have all converged on how I am possibly going to avoid throwing up, passing out, or crying uncontrollably. If I avoid all those things, how will I ever let go?

I hope to return with new focus, new strength, and new filth  fantasies to share with you.