Learning Experiences Come In All Shapes and Sizes.

I have learned many fun and interesting things on FetLife this week, including the fact that Dom/mes who care about their subs’ wants and needs actually exist. This was not my experience, so it was a refreshing outlook to explore. Outside of FetLife I learned thatĀ  I, like my main character, Madeline, am not quite human till after the coffee is in my hands, or at least somewhere on my person.


However, the most important thing I learned this week was not on FetLife. I had my first real beta read. I don’t mean where my friend reads my work and gives me strokes about how awesome I am. I mean the kind where the reader, in this case my dear friend and writing guru, S. A, tells me what’s good and what sucks about my story.

LOL. I knew I wasn’t perfect, so don’t think that my bubble was burst by hearing that every word wasn’t golden. I was aware it wasn’t quite up to the quality of Switch It ON, which was on fire, if I do say so myself. Humility doesn’t become me. I was pretty sure it was awesome before I let anyone see it. On the new one, though, I knew I had gone off the rails somewhere, I just wasn’t quite sure where.

Switch It UP has been the very devil to write. Admittedly, it is a more ambitious story, because I wanted to tell you, my readers, about my beloved Jase, star of my dreams and my personal “most beautiful thing”. (Thank you, Ian Astbury!) Since these stories are written in the first person and not from his point of view, how was I going to do that? Madeline, my main character, tells you in breathless detail what she thinks of him, but how to let him tell you about himself? I think I have come up with a way to do just that, and I think if you liked Switch It ON, you’ll really enjoy it. Easy, though, it has not been.

Neither was hearing the truth about my creation. I hated to hear that part of one scene had devolved into middle school behavior, although this was perfectly obvious when pointed out. More difficult, though,was to hear was that I had not portrayed my main character in the light I envisioned, and that she was coming off as a good bit crazier than initially intended. Madeline is the character with whom I identify most strongly, thanks in part to writing in her voice. PerhapsĀ I needed my medication adjusted, and not her.

Well, perhaps, but my point in telling you all of this is to show how I pulled up my big girl panties and took the information. I took it calmly and well, I think. Because it was true. Pretty much every word. Are my solutions going to be exactly what she suggested? Nope. Is this going to be a better damn book because of it? You betcha.

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