The Internet is a mysterious place of constant reinvention. I have reinvented myself many times, and my newest incarnation is Author J. H. Craig. Strangely, the farther I get from “me”, the more honest I am able to be. I wasn’t sure about writing “Erotica”, although I had been writing and reading it pretty much since my reading level progressed from Go Dog, Go. I think I had the standard reason. I wanted to be taken seriously as an author. Erotica is not taken seriously. Call it Romance, and it’s fine, although generally considered frivolous.

In another incarnation, I review books, although not so much lately, with this new venture. As these things have themes, I wondered what in the hell the kinds of books I liked had in common. I determined that it was a lack of respect for General Dramatic Fiction. I’m a genre reader, and would certainly be a genre writer. So why not a genre that had given much pleasure and amusement?

What I discovered, and what came out of it, had quite a bit to do with “me”, surprisingly. Not the “me” the world sees, but the “me” inside my head. The “real me”, if you please. Or if you don’t.

The Switch Stories may be a trilogy, or may become a longer series. They may someday have a more pretentious name, although I hope not. They are stories, after all, whatever their length, much like those I used to tell to my breathless high school compatriots as they gathered around, eyes wide, waiting for me to regale them with my latest exploits. I hope you will enjoy them, starting with Switch It ON.