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Switch It ON is free today!


This is my very first free promotion, now through Saturday! If you haven’t read Switch It ON, now is the perfect time. Switch It UP is out on December 19th!


Can you believe there’s something harder than actually WRITING the book?

I would never have believed it. I loved writing Switch It UP, but it was the hardest thing I had ever done. Some moments were so wonderful, I felt like a smutty Shakespeare. Other times, the Muse wouldn’t speak to me, or told me something I did not want to hear. Falling in love with my characters and then watching them fight, making them fight, in fact, was downright devastating. Sometimes the “romance” part of my romance made me want to run and hide. How could anything be more difficult than that yearlong rollercoaster ride?

Until I had to try and figure out what in the hell to do next. I’m not talking about writing Switch It OFF. That’s simmering away on a backburner in the furnace of my brain. What do I do with the book that’s finished?

Advice is everywhere. Many, many people aspire to become authors these days, and those who have gone before are often glad to share their experience. How do I write a blurb? Eighty-five people can tell me. How do I promote? There’s blogs galore on the subject. And as I sift through it all, a process that remains ongoing, I realize that much of it contradicts itself, or applies to a time in self-publishing that has passed. Like everything in the computer age, self-publishing evolves at the speed of light, and what “worked” yesterday may be old news today.

I was paralyzed by a feeling of helplessness, and not in that fun, spank-y kind of way. And I have remained in that state. If ever Switch It UP is to see the light of day, however, I have to release myself from its grip. So, I’m moving forward. Almost any plan would be better than none.

So, despite my trepidations, I plan to have Switch It UP available from Amazon on December 19th. It’s a damn good story, and I think y’all will enjoy it.

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