7 Surprise Reads of 2014

My bestie, T. Baggins got a well deserved shout out in this!

The Official Website of Romance Author LE Chamberlin

It’s hard to play favorites.

It’s especially hard to play favorites when you’re an avid reader and you love most of what you read. Ever since I tapped into Goodreads and met readers with similar tastes, nearly every book I read is a 4- or 5-star rating. Not because I’m generous, but because I take recommendations from readers and authors I trust and usually read quality stuff.

Sometimes I veer off the path. And that can be fun, too, because I get some unexpected joys that way.

So instead of doing a “favorites” post for the end of 2014, let me tell you some surprise reads I had. These are books that I either didn’t expect to like at all, or didn’t expect to like as much as I did, or didn’t know about and therefore had no expectations of whatsoever – and I wound up loving the hell out…

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